Dr. Badir is one of the Moroccan university researchers very active in the field of big data and security

His primary research interests include Data Management in Computer Systems, particularly Data Privacy Management; Big Data Management in Parallel and Distributed Architectures; Database Security; Cloud Security and Data Integration (Protemics & Genomics)

Database & Optimisation

Optimization of database systems for the normal operation of the whole system plays a vital role, but it is a very complex task. The final decides the database performance database availability. A database can be up and running, but if you want to take a long time to return results, then their use will be limited. From the user's point of view, if the actual throughput for a given period of time in the database is high, the actual performance of the database is higher.

Web Intelligence,community & Ontology

Web Intelligence deals with intelligent methods and information & communication technologies that are integrated to enhance different web-based applications. Communities are popular, particularly on the World Wide Web, as a means for like-minded individuals to pursue common goals. Communities appear as a first-class object in the areas of web intelligence and agent technologies, as well as a crucial crossroads of several sub-domains. These sub-domains impact the nature of the communities and the applications which are related to them. The use of Web Intelligence and communities is discussed together with ways in which a wide range of research is benefiting this area for the long-term.

Big Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the trending domain that analyses data to observe patterns and predict future outcomes. The outcomes are based upon analysis of past and current trends and behaviors. Data analytics deals with both descriptive and predictive analyses of data. Descriptive Data Analytics summarizes the data, it's behavior and draws useful conclusion from it. Predictive Data Analytics is the branch of data analytics that predicts future outcomes based on the current and historical data. These future predictions are drawn by observing patterns followed for past data and outcomes for the past events for similar scenarios.

Cloud Computing & IoT Security

The insights gained from Big Data Analytics are incredibly valuable, however every new data stream constitutes a new potential attack vector, which makes classic perimeter defenses obsolete and can leave your organization vulnerable. The IoT is in need of an advanced prototype for security, which considers the security issues from a holistic perspective comprising the advanced users and their intercommunication with this technology.